Customer Segments

In-House is a subscription service where the customer starts and stops their own streams.

All live-streams that are made in get a unique link and embedded code, which allows you to add the live-stream to your website as an article.

Everything you stream is automatically recorded and stored in your personal archive on, and is available immediately afterwards, at the same link and address as the live-stream.


As a viewer, you decide witch camera you want to watch from, or you can sit back and let our streaming solution decide for you.

If a projector is used, will display it as an camera-source with 100% resolution, whether it shows a video, animation, PowerPoint or Kahoot.

Our question and answer function allows viewers to ask written questions during live-streaming.

It's easy to create a webcast well in advance of the broadcast, which means you can share the link and embedded code long before the actual live-stream begins.

Since our solutions use a responsive embedded code, each stream can also be viewed on desktop, mobiles and tablets!

Our contents and archive system can be integrated or you can divide your webcast-recording into chapters.

You can easily protect your live-streaming and/or video recordings with a password of your choice, in this way only invited or paying customers have the opportunity to participate.

The sound in works seamlessly! You can switch between the cameras as much as you want without affecting sound quality.


So, what equipment is required for to be complete? In addition to several cameras and a sound system, we have made different proposals for equipment packages in different price ranges. If you have equipment from before, we can most likely use this.

Sounds Interesting?

Contact us today for suggestions on equipment packages and prices.

Some of Our Customers

Here are some of our customers' own productions using fixed cameras or conferences, click on logo to watch the video.

Gildeskål Kommune
Scatec Solar
Vagan Kommune
Innovasjon Norge
Vestby Kommune

Production Companies

Before we can give you an offer, we need to know a little more about your event.

Send us an e-mail at and describe your event. We'll also need the date, time and location.

You may also call us at +47 40 19 20 99, we speak Norwegian and English.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Some of Our Production Partners

SMAU Media
Hegnar TV


Our solution for streaming funerals is currently under development, including making our own camera and App. Please watch this site for further developments.

Feel free to contact us if you think our two existing solutions already sound interesting.

As soon as something new and exciting happens, we'll be sure to post it here!