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Fixed equipment for customers who want to start and stop live-streaming and make video recordings themselves. E.g. local council meetings.

Live-Stream Your Event?

Do you want to live-stream and get videorecordings of your conference, course or seminar? We collaborate with several companies all around Norway.


We have now established ourselves in the funeral market, and we are in close dialogue with a partner to offer live-streaming and recordings to funeral agencies in Europe. More information will follow later.

You're in Good Company!

Wilhelmsen shipping, NAV, Nordlandssykehuset, Hegnar Media and Aker solutions are either customers or partners with us. Whether you want to stream quarterly presentations of listed companies, municipal meetings, funerals, or conferences, we have the solutions for you.


Live-stream with your own equipment

With fixed cameras and CompanyCast.live streaming solution, you start and stop live-streaming yourself, easily. Our multi-camera solution has many features and support up to 5 camera sources. The viewers choose which camera they want to watch.

Live-stream your event?

Production Companies

We collaborate with several production companies around Norway, and can therefore deliver streaming services at short notice to competitive prices. Get an offer on your event today!


Everyone Can Attend

With our 2-camera wireless streaming solution and phone-app, we are going to make this easy to use and a nice way to participate.

Why CompanyCast?

CompanyCast have the streaming solutions that cover all the different functions a streaming solution need. No matter what you are streaming. Everything from quarterly presentations and big conferences with hired production companies, to multi-camera streaming with fixed cameras that you start and stop yourself, easily. Our latest streaming solution: COMPANYCAST.LIVE has many features, especially known for synchronized multi-cameras with seamless sound as its biggest advantage, read more about the other key features.

Multi Camera

CompanyCast.live support up to 5 synchronized cameras.

Change Camera View

As a viewer, you decide which camera you want to watch from. Or you can sit back and let our smart streaming solution decide for you.

Presentation View

If a projector is used, CompanyCast.live will display it as an camera-source with 100% resolution, whether it shows video, animation, PowerPoint or Kahoot.


Our solution has a comment function, which allows viewers to ask written questions during live webcasts.

Plan Ahead

It's easy to create a webcast well in advance of the actual time and date, in that way you can share the link and embed code long before the actual live-stream begins.

Desktop, Phone and Tablet

Our solution uses a responsive view, so every streams can be viewed on all sorts of devices.

Agenda, Archive and Chapters

An agenda and archive system can be integrated, or you can divide your webcast-recordings into chapters.

Access Control

You can easily protect your live-streaming and/or video recordings with a password of your choice, in this way only invited or paying customers have the opportunity to participate.


The sound in CompanyCast.live works seamlessly.

Some of Our Customers

Here are some of our customers' own productions using fixed cameras or conferences, click on logo to watch the video.

Gildeskål Kommune
Scatec Solar
Vagan Kommune
Innovasjon Norge
Vestby Kommune

Some Testimonies

Since CompanyCasts AS was established in 2016, we have delivered over 1500 webcasts, either through our own production or through our partners. Now that we have developed and sold streaming solution that allows the customer to start and stop a live-streaming themself, we now see the potential in many more places that previously hasn't been relevant.

"We wanted the full CompanyCast Experience..."

"...and that's what we got!"

      Wilhelmsen IT Services

Some of Our Production Partners

SMAU Media
Hegnar TV